Carroll Architects and Surveyors have gained extensive experience over the years in the field of conservation work. Clementine Cottage is a fine example of the quality and care that we provide.

A grade II listed building in Dorchester-on-Thames, Clementine Cottage appeared at first to need some fairly minor repairs. As work progressed, it became clear that ill-advised alterations by previous owners had resulted in extensive damage to the structural elm frame in the front elevation. A careful, step-by-step approach was required to ensure that the building was made safe and weather tight, while minimising the loss of historic fabric. Inappropriate cement render was removed, temporary supports put in place, and a careful assessment and record made of the condition of each piece of historic timber to guide proposals for repair and strengthening. The front elevation was clad in vapour permeable, insulating wood fibre board and lime renders, to allow the building to ‘breathe’ and ensure the future conservation of the historic timbers.

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