First meeting and briefing

We offer an initial meeting without charge or obligation to discuss your ideas and goals. We will provide advice on how how we can help you to get the results you want.

Following this meeting, we will provide a transparent, itemised fee proposal, setting out our charges for each service. Typically the work stages are as described in the next pages although each project varies and you may not need all of these services. We will always endeavour to tailor our service to your actual requirements.>p

Measured Drawings

A detailed measured survey of the building or site is essential in order to produce accurate existing plans and elevations from which to work. Often we will carry this out ourselves but on more complex sites, the services of a specialist land surveyor may be needed. If so, we will obtain quotes for this and work with the land surveyor to produce the necessary drawings.

Sketch Design

Next we will develop a sketch proposal in accordance with your first meeting and agreed brief. The proposals may be presented in the form of hand drawn or digital plans, perspective sketches or full 3D models depending on the nature of the project and services required. We generally expect to discuss possibly two iterations of the scheme with client to fully resolve the principles of the design.

Planning Application

Once a scheme is agreed your team will liaise with local planning officers and where necessary, advise on the use of other consultants such as ecological or historical specialists.

Building Regulations

Building regulations are legal standards on matters such as structural integrity, energy efficiency and fire safety. We will prepare and co-ordinate submissions to a building control inspector to ensure compliance with the regulations. This normally also requires the services of a structural engineer and often an energy consultant.

Specification and Detailed Drawings

After planning permission has been granted we will develop the proposals in more detail, preparing detailed drawings and a written specification as required. These documents will form the basis of the following work stages.

The Tender Process

Many forms of tender are possible and we will provide advice on this to enable you to select the most suitable approach for your project. Most often this will be a full competitive tender. In this case we will work with you to agree a list of suitable contractors and will prepare and issue detailed tender drawings and schedules to enable the contractors to return accurate, itemised prices.

A fixed time period is allowed for the tender process and when tenders are returned, we will analyse the figures and provide you with our comment to help you choose your builder.

Contract Administration

Once the building work is underway, we will carry out regular site visits and meetings to check that the work is being done properly and to help resolve any unexpected problems. If necessary, we will issue further drawings and written instructions authorising variations. We will also certify monthly payments and carry out final inspections on completion of the works. Our service is designated to ensure that you and your builder both have the necessary support to create the building you wanted at a fair price.


Whether you would like to phone, look us up on Facebook or come in for a chat, we are always happy to hear from you.

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